World Tour

World Tour Online Slots

For players who enjoy games that are simple to understand, yet provide some excellent quality entertainment, then the World Tour slot game will certainly be worth considering. This slot was developed by iSoftBet, and offers players 5 game reels, with a total of 5 pay lines. Of course there are many other slot games that offer a great deal more pay lines, but perhaps the limited number of win lines that can be bet on might actually attract many players.

The World Tour game has no bonus game or progressive jackpot. It also does not have any wild symbols, scatter symbols, or win multipliers. This in itself is quite unusual, as most modern online slot games have at least one of these features, if not all of them.

Settings for World Tour Slots

The World Tour slot can be adjusted to suit the player in a number of different ways, which are all fairly common to mobile slot games. The minimum number of coins that can be bet per line is 1, with a maximum betting amount per line of 5 coins. The minimum coins size in the World Tour slot game is 0.02, while the biggest coin value is 2.

The main jackpot prize that is on offer to all players of the game is 5000 coins. On the game interface, players will notice that these options can all be toggled. On the left hand side of the screen, there is a box that indicates the current bet amount for the next spins. The screen will also indicate the current number of pay lines that will be activated by the next spin. Right in the middle of the screen, there is a big Spin button. This is obviously the button that must be clicked or tapped to get the World Tour reels spinning.

Players of the game have the option of using the Auto Spin button. This feature is ideal for players who would like to ensure that the reels keep spinning, but would like the game to continue playing on its own accord. By selecting this option, the reels will automatically keep on spinning, until such a time as you turn this option off. If you do, at whatever stage, decide to go for the main jackpot, the Bet Max button will ensure that the maximum bet is placed for the next spin.

Theme of World Tour Slots

As the name of the World Tour slots suggests, this game will take players on a tour of the globe, as they pass various famous landmarks. These symbols include icons such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as well as the Pyramids in Egypt.

You will also come across a snow capped mountain, as well as a yellow taxi and also the Statue of Liberty, which is of course depicting New York. The main theme of the game is a jet flying you to all these well known destinations. For players looking for a wide range of bonus features, this game does not include a whole bunch of extra features on bonus options. However, the simplicity is one of the main attractions to many players.