Online baccarat

Online Baccarat Explained

The game of baccarat has become incredibly popular in recent years, due in part to it being so readily available online. The preferred casino game of James Bond, baccarat was always the domain of high rollers, but by going online it became far more accessible to players of all budgets.

Online baccarat offers players the chance to enjoy an authentic, realistic card comparing game in the comfort of their own home. An easy game to learn, the online environment offers the perfect platform as free baccarat games can be enjoyed at your own pace. Once you are ready to bet for real money you’ll quickly discover just how rewarding online baccarat can be.

Baccarat History

Long before you could enjoy online baccarat, this game was being played in gaming parlours across the globe and then in some of the most glamorous casinos. A table game that is fast-paced and very enthralling, players would flock to watch those at the baccarat table trying their luck.

Introduced into France in the late 1400’s, baccarat was first played in Italy and the name stems from the Italian word meaning zero. Co-incidentally, when playing this game the worst possible result you can attain is a zero as you will instantly lose.

It’s thought that the original version of baccarat was part of an ancient ritual whereby an innocent young virgin threw a 9 sided dice in order to decide her fate. This game was then adapted to be played with cards and after several centuries it made its way onto the web. Online baccarat is a casino classic and regardless of its origin, it’s one that has a rich and illustrious history.

Quick Guide to Online Baccarat

There are 3 versions of baccarat, namely Punto Banco, Baccarat banque and Chemin de Fer, however Punto Banco is the game you are most likely to enjoy online. Played with several decks of cards kept in a ‘shoe’ players will find that the layout of the online baccarat table remains true to its land based counterpart and that it is enjoyably realistic.

For those who may find the game of baccarat a bit daunting, online casino developers have create d a simplified version called Mini Baccarat where the stakes are lower and the table simplified. This type of online baccarat is ideal for new players and is an excellent springboard for those looking to get into the gap but who want to go slowly.

The aim of online baccarat is to build a hand with a value as close to 9 as possible, without exceeding it. Aces are worth one, umbered cards are worth their face value and Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth zero. Before cards are dealt a player must bet on one of three outcomes and their bet must reflect who they think will win. Players can bet on themselves (the player) on the dealer (the banker) or that the game will end in a tie. Payouts are worked out accordingly and online baccarat can be a very lucrative game when played for real money.

Try your hand at online baccarat and discover a classic casino game that’s become a huge hit in the digital arena.