Game-Specific Bonuses on Slots

Game-Specific Bonuses on Slots

If you are keen online casino enthusiast, you will know that there are many advantages to gambling online. Modern online casinos offer players the convenience of playing the latest slots and table games on their computers from the comfort of their own home. With the introduction of mobile casinos, players can even enjoy the latest casino games on the go from any tablet or smart phone. For most people though, the best part of playing casino games online is taking advantage of the fantastic promotions and bonuses on offer. Many casinos nowadays are offering game-specific bonuses on slots and table games like poker and blackjack. But how do these game-specific bonuses work and how do they differ from the standard bonuses and promotions offered by almost all online casinos.

What are Casino Bonuses?

If you are new to the online gambling scene, casino bonuses are designed as an incentive to attract players to a specific online casino establishment. These casino bonuses are seen as the best way of rewarding players and thanking them for choosing a specific establishment to sign up with. This is much the same as fee drinks or meal vouchers at a live casino. The most popular form of casino bonus is the welcome bonus. In most cases the welcome bonus is non-specific and gives players an extra boost of cash to play any casino game they like right from the start. However more and more online casinos are offering game-specific bonuses on slots and table games. What this means is that players can only use their generous welcome bonus on specific games at the online casino like slots, blackjack or Poker.

Slots and Poker Bonuses

Players who sign up with an international online casino for the first time should always check to see if the online casino in question has game-specific bonuses on slots or table games. If you are a complete slot fan, then having as slot-specific bonus is not an issue. But for those players who are looking to play more alternative games, having a game-specific bonus in not ideal. The reason many online casinos offer game-specific bonuses on slots and table games is to promote certain games that the casino feel needs to be highlighted. By offering bonuses on selected slots, the online casino will get more players viewing and playing slots for real money. In many cases, online casinos also try and promote their online poker games by offering poker-specific bonuses for anyone who signs up and plays poker online.

Making Bonuses Work for You

Aside from the game-specific welcome bonuses, there are a whole bunch of other game-specific bonuses on slots and table games that online casinos advertise. If you regularly gamble online, you will know that many online casinos offer their players ongoing bonuses and promotions on a weekly and monthly basis. Players will find that there are many promotions and bonus that are targeted towards specific games. Whenever an online casino wants to promote a certain game, they will offer highly lucrative game-specific promotions and bonuses to encourage players to try out the game.