Dracula Touch

Bone-Chilling Vampire Mobile Slot Dracula Touch

Perhaps the most famous of all the vampires ever to grace the walls of fiction this is the Dracula Touch slot game from NetEnt and it is based on one of the original interpretations of this winged undead. From the get go players will notice the intensity of this slot game and find themselves on the edge of their seats as they spin the reels of this mobile slot to the chilling sound effects involved, the capable and ominous graphics and even the animations of flocks of bats swooping out from the reels on the screen. The best part of all of it is that Dracula himself stands vigil on the left of the screen, again in a rather ominous capacity that can’t help but send the occasional shiver down the spine.

Though the entire thematic setup of this slot is something a little different from NetEnt there are still a few things that players will recognise. This includes the overall base structure of the slit in which it comprises the 5 reels and 40 pay lines that players will encounter upon launching this Dracula Touch slot game. There are some neatly placed bonus options that don’t get too involved on the screen of this mobile slot and so players may need to remind themselves that they are in fact there. There are also a few bonuses like the occasional and spontaneous stacking of certain symbol on the reels to help form a few additional wins, as well as a rather animated free spins feature.

The Animated Dead Theme of this Mobile Slot

It’s rather ironic then that there is the degree of animation there is in this Dracula Touch slot game, given that the base character it is based on is really dead. However the semantics of lycanthropy in all its forms particularly that of the vampire, can be argued for days and still the result is the same in this regard at the least, this slot theme comes off well on the mobile platform. Beyond this there is a rather dark atmosphere to this slot game and as mentioned before this does rather make for a scary sort of slot experience. Not scary enough to detract from any of the wins or bonuses but enough to maybe quicken the heartbeat.

Aside from the vivid animations on the reels there are also the symbols to be found there and as mentioned above these have a habit of randomly appearing stacked and ergo larger on the reels meaning that it becomes all the more important to note the higher winning one and of course the symbols with the bonuses attached. In this Dracula Touch slot from NetEnt the symbols largely involve the titular character, a love interest of a sort, an antagonist and a few more articulately designed symbols.

The Last Bit and the Bonuses Available

In conclusion this Dracula Touch mobile slot packs quite a visual punch and the base game offers a decent number of opportunities and wins. Attached to this setup of the game there are also a bonus feature or two. This game includes Wilds as well as a free spins feature that triggers up to 10 free spins that can allow even for the Super Mega Win bonus that this game offers during the feature.